Player Self-Rating Assessment

We will ask you a series of questions about your game. Answer as accurately as you can. At the end, we will calculate a player rating based on your answers.

This rating tool was developed by a group of more than 20 PPTA Level 1 professionals from around the country.


Patty Hogan, former PPTA President
Peter Berka
Dave Broderick


Drew Broderick
Ana Brzova
Liz Cruz
Cynthia Dardis
Brad Easterbrook
Kelly Fisher
Mike Gillespie
Gustavo Goncalves
Marco Grangeiro
Nathan LeFevre
Scott Mansager
Anton Mavrin
Marina Ohlmuller
Heather Prop
Mike Rahaley
Lisa Rudloff
Amy Shay
Scott Slobin
Sue Tarzian
Gerri Viant
Rod Workman
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